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Q1: What are the internet speed requirements?
A1: Our minimum recommended internet speed requirement for operation is 20 mbps for VOD streaming however, for live HD quality streaming you will want speeds much higher then that.  I would suggest find out what your current internet download speeds are and let me know and I will advise.  

Q2: How hard is the setup process for this product?
A2: The setup process is very, very fast and easy.  This video shows how it is done

Q3: Is a VPN required?
A3: VPN services or IP unblocking services are not required to operate Superbox but, if you have good, fast, high speed internet and are having issues with your streaming, a VPN may very well help.  Some internet providers do block access to many iptv sources.  If your IP company is doing this, then a VPN will be a great option.  I have info on that process so please let me know if you have any other questions.  

Q4: Do you have money back guarantee?
A4: We have a 14 day guarantee policy.  With that, if with in the first 14 days that you receive the device you decide it is not right for you, contact us and let us know.  We will first try to help you through the process and see if we are able to help you with  understanding the product better.  It is a new product so it does sometimes take a little getting use to.  We are very confident that as you use the device and become familiar with it, you will see that there is no way that you will not get your money out of the device and save thousands.  

Q5: Do you have a return policy?
A5: Yes, if your device is defective and you are within your 1 year warranty period, we will either repair or replace your unit free of charge.

Q6: How long is the shipping process?
A6: After your payment is received, in most cases the device is shipped the next business day.  Shipping is done with USPS 2-3 day priority.   

Q7: Do you provide support?
A7: One of many things that pushes us past the rest is our customer service.  I pride myself in fast response.  Most of the support is done through the droidstreamtv facebook page.  

Q8: How often are the updates?
A8: There is no set time for updates.  Updates are done as they are needed.

Q9: Can I install other apps on my superbox?
A9: Yes!  The device is android based so you can use the google playstore to install apps of your choice.  Not every app will work.  App developers use many different platforms and setups and with that not all apps will work on this device.